Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Am Back!

I have decided to renew my commitment to my blogFacebook has pulled me away and I feel this format is more conducive to sharing what I want to say and show.  In the following months I will share some current work and studies.

I am currently teaching two classes in beginning jewelry and metalwork at Central Arizona College at their Signal Peak Campus.  It is a privilege to have this opportunity to influence these students and to help them appreciate what is involved in creating a piece in metal.

I continue to give workshops and further my creative drive for quality.  It will take me a while to get into the swing of updating my blog.  I hope others will find what I have to share interesting.


Marcia said...

Fred, I am so glad you are going to be blogging more. I have a goal of getting back to my blog this year as continuity is important. Many of us learn from you as you share your talent openly. You are appreciated by many and I will surely be following your posts! Thank you.

Jan S said...

Fred. Loved this Blog. Where have you gone? Yes, FB. But not with your wonderful work. If you start back up, let us know on FB...we will all follow it! Xoxo jan