Thursday, September 18, 2008

Images from the Idyllwild workshop 2008

These brooches made for Deb Jemmott and the two workshop assistants, Lindsay Rice & Mara Friedland. Lindsay and Mara were incredible and essential to the success of the workshop. I am grateful to them both for their help and to Deb for allowing me this great teaching opportunity.

Each is approximately 2"x2" and were made during the workshop. Deb's is the one on the upper left corner and has is set with a free spinning hemitite bead. I will be exploring more of these smaller sized brooches. My thanks to my wife Carrie who encouraged me to make these.


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Older study in fold forming

Several years ago I assisted in a workshop taught by Harold O’Connor held here in Tucson. One of the techniques he taught us was fold forming. He called it smash and bash and gave credit to
Charles Lewton Brain.

Here is a piece I created and I incorporated a tapered copper tail and a simple patinated surface.