Monday, January 7, 2013


These are a few examples of fibula I have made over the years.
Fibulae offer a wonderful interplay between the body of the brooch and pin stem.

Brass fibula

One of the first designs I created

Simple yet elegant

Sterling fibula

Copper fibula

I love making these

Broad fibula made from heavy stock

I enjoy using texture
One  of my favorites

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pins for Yuma Symposium 2011

Here is the documentation of the pins I made

 A grouping
I began with an equilateral triangle

I then cut a taper on one side

I turned it over & folded the top
I hammered the fold and forged the taper to match the diameter of the bead hole
The pin is now annealed and the fold is opened.
The ears are bent on the top portion of the pin. A hole is drilled to accept the taper.
A few well placed plateaus are created using LMD (Localized Metal Deformation)
the tie pin back is now soldered onto the back

The bead is threaded through the taper end and then the taper is passed through the hole and bend over securing the bead in place.

The entire pin is placed into a chemical soaked medium and then left there for several hours.The pin is removed and washed and waxed.
The high spots are buffed to exposed and polish the copper. A final waxing and it is ready for the Symposium.

I love creating and viewing process.

I completed 50 pins plus the nine steps shown above.