Monday, August 11, 2008

Forged Flatware

Here is an image of a fork making sequence made at the James Robinson shop.

Below is an image of a hand wrought spoon making sequence made by Old Newbury Crafters and sold in a presentation box.

I have compiled this list of craftsmen who still hand forge flatware. This list is by no means complete and I would welcome anyone’s input for further craftsmen and women who make hand wrought flatware.

Old Newbury Crafters
Peter Erickson
Robert Butler
James Robinson
John Cogswell
Allan Adler
Michel Royston
Raychel Wengenroth
William Frederick
Linda Weiss
M. P. Levene Ltd.
Randi Stromsoe


Friday, August 1, 2008

Hand Wrought Spoons

It facinates me to watch a blank of metal formed into a item of utility. The process and steps required to make a spoon is truly wondrous and I am in awe of the smiths who daily make flatware.

My interest in making spoons began several years ago by collecting American 18th & 19th century examples at estate sales and antique shops. I also became collecting the flatware made during the Arts & Crafts Movement and modern silversmiths who make flatware.

Here are images of spoon sequences and examples of some of my spoons This is a link to the documentation of how I forge spoons.
Spoon Making Sequence