Monday, January 25, 2010

Custom Made Chasing Tools on the Web

The processes of repoussage and chasing have long been a passion of mine and I have had the pleasure of teaching several classes on the combined techniques. The availability of well made tools is always an issue when I teach. The first portion of my classes involve the making of appropriate tools for the projects we have scheduled.

This post will look at what is currently available in custom made tools. I have not intentionally omittted anyone from the list and I solicit further entries from anyone making custom chasing and repousse tools.

The order is no indication of preference or the quality of tools.

Valentine Yotkov
Matt Weber
Kirsten Skiles
Genevieve Flynn
Mark Gardner
Gene Olsen
Victoria Landsford
Rene Bluhm-Landsmann
Pauline Warg
Liza Nechamkin
Fabrizio Aquafresa
Saign Charlestein

Hope you find this useful.


Liza Nechamkin said...

Hi Fred,
Liza Nechamkin here. I have been making custom chasing tools professionally for years. Although I have just sort of "emerged" into the online metals world from 13 years as a silversmith/chaser with a big NY based Silver manufacturer.
Sort of explains my relative invisability. I have been working for about 5 years now with a major jewelry tool mfr to produce a set of tools based on my own collection of over 2000 antique tools passed down to me from another chaser. Finally the tools launched in Feb and are available through OttoFrei and my own website.
I am really proud of them. The chasers whom I came after and who's tools I own, would be proud of them too.
The website has just launched as well and was a year in the making, Although my business has been around for a while. I mainly resore silver and make cusom holloware, as well as teach chasing, and make of chasing tools.
I will continue to offer custom chasing tools made to order. Although now I will be focusing primarily on prototypes for manufacture. The details are available on my website.
I woul love to be included in that list you posted. Have a look at my tools if you like.
It is a pleasure reading your posts.

Fred Zweig said...

Hi Liza, I have listed your site. Thank you for letting me know. I am currently creating a set of tools for students. I will review your site and check out what is being offered. Thanks for taking the time to post and to make these tools. I feel a resposibility to perpetuate the craft and art.

Liza Nechamkin said...

Hi Fred,
Thanks for including me!
I appreciate that. Have you had a look at

MW said...

HI, I'm not much of a blogger, so this is all new to me, but I wanted to ask the following:

What is the ideal thickness in copper to use for repousse and chasing?
I want to do some pretty deep relief. I'm also wondering what the thinnest possible gauge is to use. Any advise???
What about when working in steel?

Fred Zweig said...

Hi MW,
I like using 18 gauge copper. A great deal depends on the depth and size of the piece you are making. I have used 24 gauge copper, silver and gold. Care must be taken not to punch through with the chasing tools. I have no experience with repousse or chasing in steel. Hope this helps.

redell said...

Hi Fred,
Can you tell me the differences between using copper and silver if I am repousseing a 4' by 4" and up to 1" deep face? Would you recommend 18 gauge? And should I always use sterling instead of fine?

Fred Zweig said...

Hi redell,
Copper and fine silver are the most forgiving when doing repousse. I do like using 18 gauge. If you are going to make a face with 1" high relief, be sure to raise a large mass of the metal to that height and then you can fill in the cavity and work from the front.
I hope this is clear.

Unknown said...

Hi do you still sell the beautiful simple fibula?

Fred Zweig said...

I do sell my work and if you desire a specific fibula the price will depend on the material used and the size.