Thursday, September 18, 2008

Images from the Idyllwild workshop 2008

These brooches made for Deb Jemmott and the two workshop assistants, Lindsay Rice & Mara Friedland. Lindsay and Mara were incredible and essential to the success of the workshop. I am grateful to them both for their help and to Deb for allowing me this great teaching opportunity.

Each is approximately 2"x2" and were made during the workshop. Deb's is the one on the upper left corner and has is set with a free spinning hemitite bead. I will be exploring more of these smaller sized brooches. My thanks to my wife Carrie who encouraged me to make these.



ford said...

Hi Fred, Just thought I pop by and have a peek....I really like those last 3 brooches you made. The concept is quite elegant and I think it's a great way of allowing the actual metalworking process to stand out.



Fred Zweig said...

Ford, I am flattered to have you visit my blog and appreciate your compliments. I find it important for the process to be seen in my work and often I find the steps to create are more important than the created piece.


Monica Branstrom said...

I am one of Deb Jemmot's perpetual students. I met you a couple of years ago at Yuma.....
The brooch (shown in this blog )you made her so inspired me, I had to make one in a similar style to practice the techniques you used. Of course I give you credit for the design and am thankful for the inspiration!
Monica Branstrom

Fred Zweig said...

Hi Monica,

I am thilled that my work inspired you and appreciate the recognition. Thanks for sharing this with me.


Deborah said...

I, also have to thank Carrie for encouraging you to make these brooches -- as I LOVE mine. What a treasure to have. I am truly honored.
Thank you for your generous spirit, quick smile, and vast knowledge of metal. You are amazing.
Looking forward to working with you agin,

mara said...

Hi Fred~ I hope you and Carrie have had an amazing year! I am currently in my last term of my MFA ( thesis making and writing) and wanted to let you know how special the Idyllwild experience was for me. I love my brooch and wear it often:) Thank you so much for a great reminder of many memories. Looking forward to seeing you both in the hopeful near future~ Love mara