Sunday, May 4, 2008

Current trends in Repousse & Chasing

There has been a reemergence of interest in the processes of repousse and chasing. The following a those who are currently influencing this interest.

Valentine Yotkov
Rocio Heredia
Marcia Lewis
Megan Corwin
Lucinda Brogden
Kirsten Skiles
Brian Clarke
Davide Bigazzi
Ron VanOstrand
Rich Reitz
Saign Charlestein
Linda Kindler Priest

This list is in no way all inclusive. There are many, not listed, who are doing fabulous work using these techniques. I have provided links where I could.

These craftsmen and women work in varied styles and on many diffent metals. Each is contributing the the perpetuation of these seductive processes.

If anyone has input on others I would gladly add them to this list and would be interested in seeing their work.

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Bill said...

Hi Fred,

Here's a site for Rich Reitz with a nice gallery of his past work: