Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer at Idyllwild Art Academy

I am preparing for a week long workshop that I have been asked to teach at Idyllwild Art Academy in the mountains of southern California. Metals Week The teachers and students are required to provide all the tools needed for the workshops and so I have designed a portable anvil to be used during the class. Six of these are complete and I am working on a seventh that I am using to demonstrate the construction. I will write a short paper and may get it published.

The anvils were recently loaned out for a forging workshop and they held up very well under weight of the hammers. My thanks to John Cogswell and his students for field testing them for me and a special thanks to Pat and Terry Glover for their help in making the anvils.

I am working on forging brooches and neck collars to be exhibited at the school during the workshop. I need to complete commissions for collars before I leave in June and have a commission for a large brooch to complete when I return.


ChrisEmetals said...

Hi Fred,

Great start. This is now link to the ADC website.


ford said...

Hi Fred,

welcome to the blogosphere, good to see you here, blog on ;-)

regards, Ford

Fred Zweig said...

Thank you both for your words of encouragement.